About The Film

The purpose of Every Child Left Behind isn’t just to create a documentary that raises awareness about the state of public education in America, but to start a conversation that will lead to creative, forward-thinking solutions. By speaking with students, teachers, parents, administrators, educational experts and policy makers, and gathering a wide variety of viewpoints, we aim to present a comprehensive picture of America’s educational system that takes a critical look at our educational policies and highlights the need to make improving public education a national priority.

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About the Filmmakers

John Bohm, Director/Producer

John has been a schoolteacher for more than 20 years and an independent filmmaker and producer for more than 10 years. His most recent film “Father G and the Homeboys” won numerous awards on the festival circuit. John is committed to producing and directing socially conscious films that tackle injustices in our world. Learn more at www.fathergandthehomeboysmovie.com

Bong Hung, Cinematographer

Bong is currently working as a cinematographer/camera operator in the Film/TV industry for over 15 years. Have been involved with many projects from TV shows such as Hells Kitchen, Dirty Jobs and Punk’ed, to TV commercials for Acura, Ford, and Samsung. There’s many aspects of production which I enjoy but at the end of the day, my most rewarding work is documentary.

Pete Tapia, Editor

Pete has been involved in film making for the past 10 years. As an assistant and Editor, he’s worked on award-winning commercials for Land Rover & Chevy as well as music videos for Nelly Furtado and Sheryl Crow. He stepped into directing with his first feature length documentary, “Father G and the Homeboys”. He continues to work as a freelance editor.